Motto Industrial Cleaning  
Alkali Industrial Cleaning Materials
Special system cleaners adjusted to the pH value of the machine system. It removes motor oil, grease, accumulated dirt, black lead and exhaust gas. It is also convenient for grease separators. It is convenient to use on concrete platforms or clinker surface, metro or underground station’s surfaces or any place water and alkali resistant. It can used to clean waste container or trash bins. It is not convenient to use on aluminum, rubber or linoleum floors.
Tyre Footprint remover
Motto Tyre is a solvent containing industrial cleaning product, which is designed for removing the tyre footprint ink from surface caused by forklifts or other machines. Thanks to Motto Tyre’s high cleaning power, you can use it in industrial places and storages safely. Motto Tyre is a product that you can apply to surface easily and it does not have heavy smell. It can be applied to any surface that can withstand exposure of solvent like industrial surfaces, concrete, epoxy resin, baked brick surface etc. Do not use on asphalt, bitumen and synthetic surfaces!
High-Pressure Machine Cleaner With Corrosion Preventer
Motto Rust Care is an industrial cleaning product, which is designed for removing mineral oils, exhaust, smoke spots damaged by fire. It does not bubble up much. Motto Rust Care should be dilute with water, when it is used under high pressure cleaning. You do not need to dilute for machine and equipment cleaning. Shiny metal things (silver plate, base metal goods..) do not corrode after cleaning with Motto Rust Care. It is also convenient for grease separators. You can use in all industrial buildings and fitting shops on any surface that can withstand exposure of water and alkali products. In addition, it can be applied to fitting shop equipment after fire damage in order to remove spots.
Micro Porous Stone Cleaning, Convenient to Automats
Motto Vett is an effective cleaning product for floor tile. Thanks to its special ingredients and delaying effect of dirt, it can reach porous place and easily remove stubborn dirt. It is convenient to use in inside or outside surface that can withstand exposure of water or any alkali products in order to clean porous floor tile. Do not use on calcite based natural or synthetic surface like linoleum, marble and rubber. It is recommended that it should use carefully on concatenated fields.
Dirt and Oil Remover, Convenient to Automats (Ceramic, Tile Etc.)
Motto Mat is a cleaning product, which does not contain re-oiling or plate. It is convenient for all surfaces. You can do the dusting for your furniture, mirrors, glasses, plastic surfaces, laminate flooring, natural or synthetic stone surface etc. After cleaning, it dries quickly. It has the fresh scent of pine tree. You can use its lid (20ml) to arrange correct dosage of use.
Moving Staircase Cleaning Product
Motto Rollmat is designed for mechanical cleaning of moving staircase and travelator. After sprinkle the product, it becomes syrupy and its liquidity decreases. It totally removes oil and grease oil. It is convenient for haf metal moving staircase and travelator to clean with vacuum cleaner.
Nonslip Making Automat Product
Motto Secure is an effective cleaner makes surface mat. Without losing nonslip characteristic, it makes surfaces polish. Using one unit Motto Secure you can renew nonslip characteristic of surface. The scale between 0.4 and 0.6, is suitable.